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Do you know the best place to get dental implants Boca Raton has to offer? If not, this may be a piece of information you may want to explore since it is the best solution especially when only one tooth needs to be replaced. However, it has not been the case for a very long time. In the past, a bridge used to be the most common solution. You may be wondering what happened that changed this mentality and what your best options are? This article looks at the difference between dental implants and bridge.

First of all, what are we talking about?

A bridge, commonly known as a three-unit bridge is a technique that consists of linking three false teeth together to replace one missing or damaged tooth. The two side healthy teeth will have to be reduced slightly in order to allow the bridge fake teeth to slide over them and support the new tooth. As a result, the gum is more exposed and cannot be cleaned in the same way as regular teeth are cleaned. Hence, many additional tools and steps will be required to maintain the health of the gum.more reviews found from http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sponsored/2015/sep/21/dr-kachele-dental-implants/

Why are implants a better option?

Implants basically replace the missing tooth without affecting the neighbouring otherwise healthy teeth. A single missing tooth can be easily replaced by using a fixture that is inserted directly into the gum and holds a ceramic tooth that looks and feels the same as the natural tooth. More importantly, the teeth are separated properly and can be cleaned and flossed in the same way as a regular tooth which means that cleaning and maintaining them is much easier and hence the chances of gum diseases and other complications are reduced significantly. Talk to the best dentist in Boca Raton to get all the necessary information.

Now let’s talk costs

A three-unit bridge is indeed slightly cheaper than one tooth implant. It ranges around $2500 while a single implant is usually around $3000. Keep in mind that they are both only replacing one tooth. However, due to the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining bridges it is more likely that they will last half the life span of the dental implant. Furthermore, when they need to be replaced all the teeth will need to be adjusted and the work can be costly.visit us now!

You should also know that even the best dental implants Boca Raton offers do not last forever. It is all a question of care and constant check-up and awareness on your part. Implants could last up to 20 years sometimes even more, but unless you care for them properly they will not last.

Dental Implant

Remember that you are your first doctor and dentist and health care provider. Teeth are subject to decay and we rarely take good enough care of them but you do not need to have those problems and it is possible to go through a lifetime without losing teeth. However, you should find the best dentist in Boca Raton so you are prepared when the time comes.more health care tips from http://www.insidehalton.com/shopping-story/5743599-deciding-between-dental-implant-or-removable-denture-benefits-show-a-clear-winner/

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